5 Things You Should Know About Happy Birthday Girl

5 Things You Should Know About 

Happy Birthday Girl

Don't Hold Your Birthday Back...It's Your Day, Your Way

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Happy Birthday Girl was started with a goal in mind…make every girls birthday better. As we began strategizing about the best way to accomplish this task, we came up with the following missions...

1.  Make Every Girls Birthday Less Stressful...

Say goodbye to stressful planning and frantic last minute searching! Have a stress-free birthday this year this year on us...we want to give you more time to focus on the fun and important things…WE will take over the stressful stuff.
No more running from store to store last minute, frantically trying to find all of your birthday  girl needs. No more makeshift party decorations, that are four different colors and look thrown together (they were). 
No more struggling to pull off your birthday party theme alone, without any guidance from others. We’ve got you covered, birthday girls…all you have to do is say the word 😊

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2.  Give You More Options...

Birthday girls need more options when it comes to birthday decorations, supplies for party themes, party props, fashion, accessories and everything birthday related.  We want you to have the ability to choose from a wide, yet tailored range of trendy, fashion forward, relevant, birthday options that allows you to express your individuality, style, and unique personality on your birthday.

We also want your birthday celebration to stand out and shine, and for you to avoid having to deal with generic, overused birthday props from chain-type stores that aren’t made with YOU in mind! Within our product selection, there will be options for EVERY girl's style and personality...and if we miss anything, simply shoot us a DM with your request and we will FIND or CUSTOMIZE the needed item. 

We will have 3-5 birthday girl themes or "party-in-a-box" packages, where you can pick and choose what you need, or you can click a button to PURCHASE ALL. There will be 3 different level packages per birthday theme (varying by price point and contents) and once you select and purchase your party theme, we send your birthday goodies right to your doorstep! All you have to do is open, set-up and celebrate! Easy, riiiiiigghhtttt?!!

3.  Make Birthdays More Fashion Forward + Trendsetting...

More and more often we witness birthday girls shy away from major celebrations, and we truly believe its because of the lack of actually COOL and ON POINT options and resources available. Traditional and generic options just don't cut it in this millennial day and age. 

It's a struggle to find everything you need for your birthday easily or in one place, and even if you did, theres not a lot of helpful, easy-to-read planning resources or how-to guides  that walk you through exactly how to make parties easy. 

We know you all are way too busy slaying your #girlboss goals at work or learning the latest in (insert topic you're interested in here). Bottom line, we want to bring birthdays back...in a major + RELEVANT way ☺

4. Give You More Time...

...to INDULGE yourself on your birthday! We are making it our mission to make sure that birthday girls enjoy themselves and let the world pamper them on their special day...this day is the one day out of the ENTIRE year that you can get away with whatever you want in the diva department.

Your birthday is about YOU and YOUR WANTS! Enjoy it while it lasts and don't let anyone tell you differently! We mean it when we say don't hold your birthday back....relish your birthday like it's your last and celebrate however you want. YOUR day, YOUR way, birthday girls! Don't make us hunt you down 😉

5.  Answer ALL Your Birthday Questions...

...and help you work through ALL of your birthday issues through our FREE easy-to-read guides and planners. 

We are still in technically trial mode on our site, but within the next weeks we will have our resource hub up and running where you will find helpful guides, one-pagers, ebooks and more pertaining to different struggles that a lot of girls have regarding birthdays, party planning, gifting and more. 

We want to GIVE before we GET your business…we know it’s a competitive world out there and we are not entitled to your business. We promise to provide the resources we think will help you best on your birthday and listen to any requests you may have for us to help with. We want to shower you with freebies!!!


Founded in Dallas, Texas we make birthdays better for girls through our process of curating collections and party theme boxes made of unique and relevant birthday products, tailored specifically with birthday girls in mind.

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