Discover 10 Apps That Will Change Your Life

The essential list of apps you never knew you needed

If you’re anything like me, you're probably are glued to your iPhone more than you care to admit. Doing things that are time-wasters at best and boring at worst…..Get ready to throw everything you thought you knew about essential apps out the window. Because these 10 are going to change the gameeee.

There’s a variety of categories included, from pure fun to organizational to social media tools that will help you rule the kingdom. . Read on to learn all about these hidden gem apps that will change your life…

1. WeHeartIt:

Weheartit is like Pinterest’s cooler sister with higher image quality and edge. This app provides endless visual inspiration, and is great for helping you come up with posting ideas for your other social media accounts. There are SO many amazing images to be found here in all different categories: fashion, celebs, girlpower, travel, the latest trends and more. You scroll through suggestions or topics and just click to “heart” the image and add it to your canvas. From there you can divvy up your canvas by collections, or just have one scrolling AMAZEEEE canvas that sums up the essence of YOU in images.

You also can find editable graphics (if you have a blog or website) for free, and edgier content then seen on other social photo based sites. You can upload your own photos or clip items from websites (there’s a desktop version too). They now have an articles section as well where you can write about your favorite topic. A lot of celebs and brands have profiles here too and you can follow them for VIP inspiration. DOWNLOAD this app…you won’t regret it!!!!

2. UnUM

Instagame prepare to FREAK OUT with this free app that allows you to plan out the perfect feed. Not only can you shift pre-posts around to optimize your color/content/etc prior to posting, but this app lets you go in and edit your posts too, using the same editing tool that Aviary (another great photo app) uses. Shift your grid, drag and drop, run multiple accounts, edit your photo and pre-caption posts are all components of this sweet app. You won’t want to post straight from Instagram ever again!

3. Neybers

This interior-design category app is a decorator’s DREAM, and will make non-professionals second guess their career choice. Neybers is an interior design playground for anyone interested in home decor and design. You can create rooms and decorate them with a vast array of trendy, cool products that are actually for sale in real life as well!

Use a template or photograph your own interiors; either way you will literally have the capability to change ANY detail in your room: light glare, chandelier size, wallpaper versus paint, the size of your coffee table, you get the point. Be prepared to lose HOURS of your life to this game, as well as develop a severe crush on the world of interior design.

4. Instapaper

Have 10 million tabs open on your phone? Never fear, Instapaper is here! This simple, easy-to-navigate tool allows you to save web pages to read later on across multiple devices.

I prefer the color scheme and layout to other options that are more well known. It has a beautiful, uncluttered, optimized-for-reading format that can be organized into folders or categories of your choice. This way, you can send all of your future reads over to Instapaper and then read them seamlessly when you have the time.

5. Charlie

This app is a tool that complies one-pagers on anyone you’re about to meet with….BEFORE THE MEETING! Walk into EVERY meeting like a #girlboss with Charlie on your phone… This app will make sure you walk into the room with facts on the company this “stranger” works for, shared hobbies they have no idea the two of you share, their professional history highlights, and more!

How does it work? Charlie connects to your calendar on your phone and before scheduled meetings, will scan social media data, news sites, blogs, more to find out the details you need to build a relationship with this person as needed. Just in time to make you look like a superstar to the boss lady for that promotion you’ve been asking for….

6. Prizmago

This app is a timesaver because it will read aloud any screenshot you send its way. Instant text capture capabilities that can instantly be spoken outloud and even EDITED all within the one app. No more squinting your eyes to read a lengthy article or attempting to drive and read at the same time. Use this lifesaver instead!

Airtable’s amazing graph features

7. Airtable

This app is a new find for me, and I am still discovering even more ways to utilize it. Basically, you can use it to organize absolutely anything: art, albums, events, hashtags, to do lists and more. It has a spreadsheet type interface that serves as a database for whatever you want to use it for.

It takes a bit of tutorial watch-age and/or experimentation to really figure out the most effective way to utilize this app, but I promise you, it’s WORTH it to spend the time. If I attempt to explain it further, it’s just going to make it sound more complicated then it is, but I highly recommend this app if you could use some organization in your life.

8. Concept Office

If you aspire to master the Insta world, download this app immediately. It is a planner for your feed, with the addition of a database of interactive, helpful tips and tasks regarding Insta-optimization techniques, over 45 pre-made amazing content ideas, scheduling capabilities, and more!

It lets you keep a collection of hashtags, organized and labeled by category, that are easily usable to attach to any post as well as text templates for captions on your photos. MY favorite part is their “Ideas” section, where you can find a list of almost 50 different topics for Instagram posts! No more writers block for Instagram! Anyone who uses Instagram for sales, promotion or business reasons should definitely look into this hidden gem!

9. Cute

Turn up the beauty heat with this app that houses trending beauty and cosmetic products at 50–90% off retail. We’re talking BARGAINS here folks. Sounds sketchy, right, with the huge discount price points? I assure you, as a now VIP customer of Cute, that every product I have received from them has been AWESOME.

Exactly as described and works like a charm (make sure to read the product reviews and details such as sizes before purchasing though.) Hair extensions to die for at $8 bucks a set? I’m in! Metallic nail polish that lasts for $1? YAAS! Collagen lip masks for FREE plus shipping? Hell yes!!!

You’ll rarely have to shop full price cosmetics again. My only side note is that the product DOES take awhile to get to you, as its coming from overseas. They are very reliable with tracking info and customer service issues however, and have the correct policies in place for lost items.

10. Product Hunt

Your life will forever be changed with this gem of an app. It’s the reason I found the majority of the above apps in the first place. ProductHunt is the place to discover your next favorite thing, technology-wise. New lists each day, with past features organized by topics such as Photography, Calendars, Bots, Beauty, Couples, Texting and more.

Underneath those topics you will find the latest and greatest in all tools (app or website) related to the category. So download now, and get to researching! You’re welcome!

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